Controlling government…

Currently the only control we have over government is voting in elections.  Unfortunately this does not do very much to control the activities of government, especially at the federal level.  What is needed is a means by which the decisions made by our representatives can be overridden by the people.  The best way to do this is to control the flow of tax money to the federal government by having the taxpayers themselves deciding to where their money should be allowed to go instead of allowing our representatives to make this decision.  Yes, we can vote these people out in the next election, but this is a matter of two years for Representatives in the House, four years for the President, and six years for members of the Senate. 

The best way to exercise control over the activities of those who represent us is to control the allocation of tax money.  Take the allocation of tax money out of their hands and place it back in the hands of the American people.  This could be done by earmarking where the taxes that we pay into the federal government are to go instead of leaving it up to our representatives to make the decision for us.  Taxes are a necessary part of the function of any modern society, but how those taxes are allocated should be left up to the American people. In this way we can better control the spending of the federal government instead of leaving it up to our representatives, whose opinions on such matters might hardly be representative of many of us. Too, this would allow those who oppose such federal activities as making war to have their voices heard.  The activities of the federal government would then be much better controlled by the American people than is the case now.  The people might prefer that we spend less on the military (we currently spend as much as the rest of the world does upon the military), especially as it appears that we are making enemies for ourselves in increasing numbers the longer that we remain involved in the Middle East as we now are. Without the allocation of hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to the military establishment, we would be much more likely to reconsider many of our activities in places such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and other Muslim countries where America and Americans are increasingly detested by the peoples of the Middle East.  Our current policies if left unchecked are more likely to encourage more terrorism, terrorism of a type that we are not prepared for.  Such as terrorist attacks on schools (as has happened in Russia) by Muslims willing to die for their cause.  We may be able to prevent airliner hijackings, but we have many more points of “vulnerability” that are very difficult to protect.  Which makes it increasingly necessary to reconsider our military’s actions over the rest of the world.  Unfortunately one of our two political parties seems to favor these military actions and opposes any restrictions upon our use of the military for these activities.

However, if the American people had direct control of where their tax money was spent, then the decisions of the taxpayers would have far greater power while those of our representatives would be greatly reduced.  The best way to do this is to allow taxpayers to decide what portion of their taxes should go to “where”.  Those opposed to our military actions in the Middle East could have their tax money go to some place they feel is more “deserving” of their support.  We have serious infrastructure problems, problems with high unemployment.  Possible environmental problems along with the effects of apparent “global warming”.  All of these issues deserve attention.  We also need to create better security for our schools, perhaps in the nature of armed security officers.  We have many retired police officers, retired military veterans, all of whom do have the training needed.  We also need to put millions of American back to work.  I fear we have been neglecting these issues because they do not have the lobbyist support that the defense industry does.  When you spend as much as the US does on the military, you quickly develop “special interest groups” who lobby Congress to continue spending these hundreds of billions on “war”.  Instead of making life better for Americans, we’re making things worse.  Not just for Americans, but for all the innocent people who end up on the “wrong side” of our guns.  We need more “friends” the world around, not more “enemies” of the sort we are busy creating right now!



About muskegonlibertarian

77 year old retired owner of a security guard agency. Member of the Libertarian Party.
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