What is Libertarianism?

Easy answer:  “Liberty”!  That’s why the Libertarian Party has the Statue of Liberty as its party symbol.  Liberty means the freedom to use your own talents to support yourself without all sorts of government “regulations” and “permits”.    We used to have that sort of freedom back a century or so ago before the era of “Big Government”.  You could start your own business, be a landlord, or whatever else you were able to do without first getting “permission” from government (local, state, federal) to provide your services to others.  You could carry a concealed handgun as protection against criminals if you wished.  Unfortunately neither the Democratic Party or the Republican Party believes in either liberty or freedom any more today.  In business affairs you are slightly better off with the Republicans, although they appear to have a “fixation” on anything that has to do with “S-E-X” or reproduction.  While the Democrats want to “protect you from yourself”.  In their eyes you are “incompetent” to do much of anything without having the “government” looking after you.  In both major parties’ eyes you are incompetent to take care of your own personal health.  You can only buy medical drugs if you first get the “permission” of a doctor to do so.  The same thing is true to a great extent today in legal matters.  The legal profession jealously guards their own “turf” and does everything it can do to “limit” what people can do for themselves.  The home schoolers had to fight for the right to educate their own children instead of having the “State” do it in the public schools.  Nor are our Constitutional Rights to protect ourselves from criminals assured any more.  Obama wants to seriously restrict the type of firearms you will be allowed to have.  Currently the restrictions will be on semi-auto rifles, pistols, and shot guns.  But I suspect  if the gun controllers do have their way, we will see increasingly restrictive laws until we are as much disarmed as people in the rest of the English speaking nations.  And just as “unfree” as they are!   They are for all practical purposes now “subjects” instread of free citizens as they once were!  A trend that seems to be increasing all over the world as personal freedom slowly dies as more and more powerful “government” decides what people can do and what they cannot do.  Or what services they can use, or what they are allowed to buy.  We can say with a great deal of certainty that “Big Brother” is “alive and well” and coming to take away your freedoms until you become a rightless serf living beneath the heavy thumb of “Big Brother Government”!  Just like the people living in Russia lived under with Stalin!  With the NKVD watching their every move!

What we must remember here is that liberty is based upon the principle of self ownership.  Upon taking responsibility for yourself.  True Libertarians see taking responsibility for yourself as the “other side of the coin” of personal freedom.  The “Nanny State” Democrat is opposed to allowing you to take such responsibility for yourself in many matters.  They consider prescription laws necessary because they believe that only doctors are competent to make the decision as to what medication you are allowed to buy.  The Republicans of today are little if any better, unfortunately, in their support of “drug laws”.  The other “third parties” (except for the Libertarian) are no better this way either.  This is why the “liberty-loving” of today have little choice but to vote Libertarian as neither of the major political parties, or the other third parties, have any real interest in supporting personal freedom.  And even some “Libertarians” tend to be less faithful to the idea of personal freedom/personal responsibility than they should be!  As a Libertarian you may believe that abortion is “evil”, but that shouldn’t mean that you want the “State” to use force and violence to keep people from using what has been a legal medical service…  The same thing applies to other issues.  Nor is it justified for someone to force their religious beliefs upon everyone else.  This applies as well to Christians as it does to Muslims.  Your  religious beliefs are your own,  but they apply only to you and those who believe as you do…  On the other hand a lot of “reproductive services” really shouldn’t be a part of “government health insurance” (Obamacare) as they fall more in the same category as services that are now performed by medical practitioners, but are voluntary on the part of the person receiving these services.  Why should these services be imposed upon everyone’s taxes?  (which is where at least some of the money for Obamacare comes from).  There is in my mind a difference between “disease” (something out of your control) and conditions that result due to voluntary actions of your own.  The first “may” be a justified use of taxes (taxes themselves are another matter), while the latter is more something akin to something like having plastic surgery to improve your appearance…



About muskegonlibertarian

77 year old retired owner of a security guard agency. Member of the Libertarian Party.
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