The Advantages of Life in a Libertarian Society

The fundamental basis of libertarianism of all “flavors” is to create a society where the individual enjoys the maximum amount of personal and economic freedom respective of the rights of everyone else to enjoy the exact same things.  Obviously we are a long ways today from that ideal.  Restrictions upon what we can say or do are increasing as time passes even here in the USA.  We are also now seeing governments even in supposed democratic societies doing things that used to be the sort of things that one expected to see in totalitarian dictatorships.  The recent events in Cyprus imply that even your own money in a bank isn’t safe from being seized by government if  it wishes to do so…  Your right to your own property isn’t all that secure any more either.  Nor in many places are you allowed to defend yourself from criminals by the keeping and bearing of firearms.  We are obviously also heading in a direction where many of us have no wish to go…  Our two major political parties appear to be less and less interested in personal freedom, and are more interested in increasing the size, scope and powers of the federal government in one way or another.  Increasing regulation appears to be favored by both political parties.

There are also considerable economic advantages to living in a true libertarian society.  Without government enforced monopolies, much of what we buy costs less because the free market acts to encourage competition.  And “competition” keeps the price of goods and services down.  Well below the price paid for these same services under a system of government enforced monopoly.  This is true of everything, not just health care and such.  It is the result of government enforced monopoly that we pay so much for cable service because the cable companies make “deals” with local government so that they can operate under a legally enforced monopoly where the price they can now charge is considerably higher than it would be in any freely competitive free market.  On my cable bill there is a charge for a “franchise fee” (paid to my local city government) of about $5 a month, or $60 a year.  What does my local city government do for this?  The only thing that my city government apparently does is to grant the cable company a monopoly over the provision of cable services in my city.  Given the number of cable customers living here, the amount of money collected runs into a quite substantial sum for which the city itself effectively simply sits back and collects the money for which it has to do nothing at all…  A good example if one is needed of how government and business works together to establish legal monopolies that serve mainly to raise prices to the consumer, increase profits, and make everyone else just a bit less well off than they’d be without these acts.

This is also why a libertarian society has much lower living costs.  Our professional monopolies add a great deal to our living costs.  Perhaps even as much as a trillion  dollars a year, or about $3,000 a year per capita.  Our drug laws end up costing us hundreds of billions of dollars a year and likely triple the number of people held in correctional facilities.  Our military policies towards other countries likely cost us another half a trillion dollars year over and above what we’d be paying out if we only concerned ourselves with actual national defense of the continental United States of America itself.  Remember we not only have to pay for the wars we start, but the lifetime cost of those service men and women who suffer lifetime harm or disability from military action.  As a matter of fact, we are very likely to be paying for these things until to the end of this century!  Then we have also created duplication of governmental services between federal, state, and sometimes even local governments!  We have a federal environmental agency (EPA), state environmental agencies (Department of Natural Resources here in the State of Michigan) all of which to some extent or other now duplicate the activities of other levels of government.  Needless to say, these agencies all cost us taxpayers quite a bit!  Personally I’d turn as much of this as possible over to the 50 states to handle which would certainly also “shrink” the size of the current federal government down to much more reasonable levels as it once was. What is also forgotten by most people is that there is always an “overhead cost” in  everything that government does.  And that “overhead cost” is actually much more today than most people believe.  Both in actual financial cost and having to comply with all the government regulations that we now have today.  Our tax systems have now become so complex that there is now a large tax preparing industry that does nothing but fill out federal, state, and local tax forms for people and business.  The cost of this along likely runs over a hundred billion dollars a year if not more.  Then there is all the time it takes you to gather up all the information necessary for your 1040.  And corporate tax forms are still even more complicated yet than are individual personal forms…  Replacing all of these with the automated financial transaction tax (A Penny on a Dollar) would result in even far more savings.  In theory we could replace all existing taxes this way, although we’d have to probably most likely increase the base rate from 1% to something larger.  However, given the nature of politics today, we really need to reduce taxes, not increase them to European levels as some politicians now favor.

It looks to me as the economic advantages itself of life itself in a libertarian society are overwhelming.  A society based upon individual freedom, both personal and economic, along with a policy of “minding your own business” makes a whole lot of sense to me.  Does it to you?  If you think so, now is the time to get to work for getting libertarians into elective political positions where they can actually start putting libertarian principles into action.  Instead of electing Democrats or Republicans who certainly won’t do any of that!



About muskegonlibertarian

77 year old retired owner of a security guard agency. Member of the Libertarian Party.
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