Why Life Is Better In A Libertarian Society!

Most people are unaware of how poor life is in a “statist” society where government controls so many aspects of a person’s life.  In effect, in a “statist” society you are for all practical purposes, the “property” of the State.  Then too you end up paying “more” for most everything, your employment opportunities are reduced, you pay higher taxes, and have much less “opportunity” than you’d enjoy in a libertarian society.  Plus there are a lot of laws that make criminal acts out of things that are not in any sense “criminal”…

Take the issue of taxes.  You pay income tax, capital gains tax, payroll taxes.  Employers also pay unemployment taxes and their portion of payroll taxes.  Then there are sales taxes, property taxes, taxes upon almost everything when you investigate closely.  My “Penny on a Dollar” financial transaction tax eliminates the income tax and the capital gains tax.  It also eliminates the corporate income tax, a tax which is “passed through” to you in the form of higher prices.  The payroll tax is replaced by investment in an index fund based 50% on stocks and 50% in bonds.  The return is thus greater than what you’d obtain through Social Security and Medicare.  Since you keep 99% of your income, you can afford to make investments of this type to secure your future later in life.  Since business is taxed less, prices will be lower.  There will also be more employment because of lower taxes.  And employers will be able to invest more, thus creating yet more jobs.  Plus people will be able to create their own “work” through self employment, providing services of a sort that today appear to be more and limited by the State for the economic gain of a few.  The way taxi services are licensed today leaves no doubt that the objective of these laws and regulations is not “protection of the public”, but private profit for a few.

As for jobs, our “statist” society prevents people from finding work by restrictions upon who is allowed to do many types of work.  The ambitious find themselves bumping up against government laws and regulations in most every direction.  Various sorts of “statist” licensing are used to restrict access to many occupations which causes both “shortages” and higher prices to the consumer.  It is no longer a simple matter of being willing to work and use what “talents” you might possess, but a matter of first obtaining government “permission” to work in many occupations.  This does benefit the fortunate who hold these government “licensed” because they can earn more due to lack of “competition”.  Good for them, bad for the rest of us!  Also the “professions” generally operate on a basis that certain “services” are restricted to being provided only by those individuals who are “licensed” to provide these services.  That too considerably raises the cost of these services to the consumer.  Take for example the practice of medicine and how prescription laws give doctors a legal monopoly over access to most medical drugs.  Obvious this leads to doctors exploiting their patients through forcing their patients to do various things that put money in the doctor’s pocket.  There are obvious parallels here to the activities of dealers in illicit drugs who charge their “customers” high prices to satisfy their addiction.  Operationally, the professions exploit the rest of us for their own benefit.  However in a libertarian society there is no “licensing”, but certification.  Nor would there be prescription laws, drug laws, or laws restricting services to certain groups.  This means that a libertarian society has much lower medical costs, legal costs, and so forth.  Without drug laws, the international illicit drug industry is put out of business.  With free trade in medical drugs, the cost of such drugs will fall considerably, making it far less costly to maintain your health.  Additionally there will be “professional on a DVD” software that will allow you to obtain information now being kept from you.  In effect you will need to visit professionals far less often, thus considerably lowering your cost of living.  Nor will there be any “shortages” in these fields, so the fees will be less too.  It appears that the reduction in the cost of living because of these things could be as high as high as $3,000 a year per capita, which in turn means that most Americans will enjoy a higher standard of living in a libertarian society than what they do today in a “statist” one.  With no prescription laws, drug laws, “professional on a DVD” software, people will be keeping more of their own money to satisfy their needs than what we have now today!

A libertarian society would not have the aggressive military policies that we see today.  The US has attacked countries like Iraq not because of any attack made by Iraq on the US, but because our government did not like the leader of their government and decided that he should be removed from office by military force.  We have also made war on societies because a small group of people in these countries attacked the US on 9-11.  This is about like attacking Italy because certain members of organized crime came from there!  Also, with less money flowing into the federal government, the incentives to create large expensive military forces suitable only for aggressive war will be removed.  Nor is military conscription allowed in a libertarian society, which may also act as possible deterrent to overly ambitious military leaders or  politicians with the same ideas.

You will note that neither the Democratic Party or the Republican Party has the least interest in making things “better” for most Americans.  Instead we have more laws and more regulations upon what you can and cannot do.  Plus with the Democrats there seems to be a love for restricting people’s’ right to defend themselves against criminals.  Plus the proposals I’ve seen so far ignore the fact that a “gun free school zone” is an open invitation to those with mental problems to carry out actions that result in the death of many children simply because there is no one there in the school allowed by law to have the means of stopping these attacks.  This is much the tactic used by some big game hunters of buying an animal from a local village, tieing it out and waiting with a loaded rifle to kill the predatory animal when it appears that is the object of the hunt.  No, we do not want our children to be “prey” for any human predator that comes by!  The answer is to have armed people trained in the use of arms to stop such things.  Attempting to “outlaw guns” has never really worked that well, as these predators can adapt and try different methods that may be even more difficult to defend against.  In any case, in a libertarian society self owning individuals have the legal right to defend themselves with the most effective weapon available, that being today the small concealed carry handgun.

Unfortunately today whenever there is a problem, someone will always want to “pass a law”.  However the passage of laws does not always solve the problem.  It may make it worse for that matter.  Then we have laws against activities that in themselves are merely economic transactions between individuals that in another context would be seen in a much different light.  There is no reason for laws against prostitution as the action itself is not a crime as long as money isn’t exchanged!  Only a “statist” would support things like this.  Unfortunately we have legislatures full of statists and they love passing laws against things, perhaps sometimes just because they like the feeling of power it provides. The same thing is true in the pornography, gambling, and every other “vice” you can name.  If those involved are content with the exchange of money or services, or whatever, what business is it of society to interfere in things?  This is “why” voting libertarian makes you feel good, because you know you have voted “No” against the statists of the Democratic and Republican Party, both of which appear to worship the idea of statist tyranny.  Their only disagreement is “who” will be allowed to do it…


About muskegonlibertarian

77 year old retired owner of a security guard agency. Member of the Libertarian Party.
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