What Libertarians need to do to win! Part 1

Why don’t libertarians win?  Why aren’t the American supporting libertarian ideas and libertarian candidates for political office?  What is wrong?  Why are libertarian ideas rejected?  These are some questions that I do think need to be answered here…

First, most people are interested in what you can do for them.  They usually aren’t all that interested in political theory.  If you want them to vote for you, you have to be able to offer them something that will make their own lives better.  Perhaps increase their standard of living.  Reduce the taxes they pay.  Address their concerns.  Stand up against those who would deny the American people the freedoms to which they used to enjoy.  Such as an increasingly oppressive government that spies upon its own citizens, monitors their communications, passes laws that increase people’s living costs, and increasingly seems to consider people “guilty” until they can prove themselves innocent.

Under President Obama, we have lost the freedom to choose the sort of health insurance we wish to buy.  What we can afford to buy and still have enough left over to live upon.  We certainly don’t want or need this new sort of health insurance that has massive deductibles before it actually provides much of anything in benefits.  And most of us are well aware that attempting to insure yourself against any possible disaster is both impossible and unaffordable!  That forces us to insure for services we don’t want to have to pay for!  But under Obamacare, that is legally the only sort of health insurance that we will be allowed to have without being fined by the IRS!  You are no longer allowed to buy the sort of coverage you might want (and can afford to pay for).  Now you have to buy one of the plans (there are four of them, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum)  Bronze will pay 60% of your medical bill after you have met the deductible.  Silver will pay 70% of your medical bill after you have met the deductible.  Gold pays 80%, and Platinum 90%.  There is supposedly a lower cost plan with an even bigger deductible, one however that doesn’t give you any “help” to pay the bill.  And “where” does this “help” come from to help pay the premiums?  It has to come from “somewhere”!  Most likely from taxes of one kind or another along with more deficits.  Considering that we now have a deficit as big as our entire gross national product for an entire year, obviously we are going to be paying this off, our children are going to be paying this off, and our grandchildren will still be paying this off!  Then of course the government is going to tell medical providers how to practice medicine.  Hospitals will be told what services they are allowed to offer.  This is the way it is done elsewhere.  And this is the way it is going to be done here too!

Now it is obvious to any who have read this blog that I do have better solutions to the problem than what Obama or anyone else has to offer.  As we know from experience, a free market that allows open competition gives the consumer the lowest possible price.  It is only when the government (all levels) interferes with the operation of the free market that we start having to pay higher prices for things.  Simply because the government no longer allows free people to buy and sell as they wish.  Instead various sorts of “monopolies” are introduced.  Some sellers, under government “protection”, are able to sell their goods and services at an “above market” price.  In the past we have used tariffs, “fair trade laws”, and such to grant “protection” to certain privileged people.  Who in most cases obtained their “benefits” through “political activity” of a sort that benefits them at the cost of everyone else having to pay higher prices for their goods and services.  The usual term for this is “political corruption”, but today’s Supreme Court decisions have made such activities quite “legal”…  For all practical purposes, we no longer have a representative government when things like this are allowed.  Some will claim that this is “freedom of speech”, but it is actually more something found in “Third World” countries where a small wealthy elite effectively rules, regardless of if most people can vote or not.  This is “where” the United States of America is headed if we don’t do something about it!

So what can we do?  First, we need to recognize that a true free market always produces the lowest possible cost goods and services because free competition among sellers is not restricted by “government”.  Prior to 1938 we didn’t have prescription laws.  And a ways further back, we didn’t have drug laws either. This was once a “free” country in more than just “name”.  However, there are always those who want “government” to “do something”.  To trample upon the freedom of everyone else because they believe that people should not be allowed to make these sort of choices for themselves!  This is really what it comes down to when you study the history of America.  There are always groups who will try to get government to give them “favors” of one kind or another.  For example, the AMA was organized back in 1846 with the objective of improving the economic status of medical doctors.  The legal profession did the same.  Getting “protection” from the government has always been a favorite way of raising your income.  The fact that doing this means you are exploiting your “customers” doesn’t seem be understood.  And even if it is, most people who can benefit from something like this will accept this as their “due”.  After all, they say, we had to do all this study, etc, to be able to provide the “service” we are providing people.  So why shouldn’t we “organize” to get the government to give us “protection” so we don’t have to compete in the free market?  This is by the way the same excuse any unionized workers use.  Unions do get higher wages and better benefits for their members.  A professional organization and a labor union are exactly the same.  Only the “name” is changed!  Remember that if you will!

End of Part 1 of this essay.


About muskegonlibertarian

77 year old retired owner of a security guard agency. Member of the Libertarian Party.
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