Why everyone is better off in a Libertarian society

Everyone, including the poor, aged, disabled, would be better off in a Libertarian society for the simple reason that living costs are much less, opportunities are much greater.  We fail to realize just how much money it costs to maintain a “Big Government” like ours along with 50 state “Big Governments” and tens of thousands of local “Big Governments”.  The cost of simple compliance with all the taxing authorities within the USA has been estimated at $165 Billion Dollars a year!   That’s over $500 per capita!  There are other estimates that run almost twice this!  This is just the cost of compliance, not the taxes themselves.  Federal taxes are over $2.3 Trillion dollars.  About $7,000 per capita or a bit more.  About half of this is Social Security and Medicare.  Both of which are “transfer taxes” where tax money is taken from one person and given to another.  Then there are federal pension costs, state pension costs, which are likely to be “underfunded” which means higher taxes in the future.  We also have long term costs such as payments to veterans which come out of the federal budget along with a lot of costs for maintaining the world’s most expensive military forces.  We’re close to spending 1/2 of all military costs the world over.  Then  there is the “National Debt”, now close to $17 trillion dollars.   Fortunately interest payments on this are quite low at the present time, but this state of affairs isn’t likely to continue forever.  Unfortunately, many Americans are earning less money than they did at the end of the 20th Century, a state of affairs that appears likely to continue for some time.  The job destroying effects of Obamacare are making us poorer instead of better off.  Predictions that our economy will remain “stagnant” for at least another decade appear to be rather likely now too!

Voting for either of the two major political parties is a wasted effort.  Neither has much interest in reducing the cost of government.  The only disagreement between them is as to “who” is to benefit from the taxes collected.  Democrats would spend more on the “poor” (while keeping them from creating jobs for themselves) while the Republicans would spend more on the military (creating yet more enemies) in the futile hope that we can prevent “terrorism” and the creation of “unfriendly governments” seeking nuclear weapons.  (the best way to deter “Uncle Sam” is with a nuke)  Neither of these political efforts appears to be “productive” so far as increasing American standards of livings for any but the “very well connected” 1%.  Obamacare simply “encourages” the US health care monopoly to waste additional amounts of money, a natural result given the totally uncompetitive nature of US health care.  The idea of a “free market” in health care has been rejected, even though the US now spends more on health care than the entire GNP of France!  The actual figure is about $2.7 trillion dollars, somewhere in the range of $8,000 per capita.  And it is rising.  That gives a cost per family of four of $32,000, more than many families actually earn today before taxes!  My math may not be perfectly accurate, but I suspect that these figures aren’t that far out of line today in November, 2013.  Nor does the future look any better given the current dominance that our two major political parties enjoy.  Neither one of them is willing to do anything “useful” about these vastly excessive health care costs that will eventually bankrupt the USA!

However, if we were to kick the two major parties out of politics, replace them with a sufficient number of Libertarians, we would have a good chance of solving these problems.  As a matter of fact, simply repealing prescription laws will reduce our health care costs by hundreds of billions of dollars a year.  Then there are currently available testing equipment that can be purchased for about $100 (or less) that will allow you to monitor your blood pressure, your cholesterol levels, and your blood sugar levels.  If you can control all three of these, which will cost you no more than a few hundred dollars a year (without prescription laws), you will have dealt with the most common medical issues that effect Americans today.  As a matter of fact, US life spans will increase even as we reduce the cost of health care.   We also have the necessary computer technology today to create “Internet Doctors” who unlike human doctors are far less prone to make mistakes.  Once the political power of the professions is broken, the savings amount to a figure of at least one trillion dollars a year.  Or over $3,000 per capita.  So the family of four is $12,000 richer under Libertarianism than under Democrats or Republicans…

Breaking all of our government enforced monopolies will do even more than that.  The true cost of “government” is far higher than most people realize.  Government raises the cost of housing by a considerable amount.  It also destroys jobs, prevents people from using the talents they already have to better themselves.  And the taxes that people pay is money that can’t be used for anything else.  The current “cost” of the federal government is $2.3 trillion dollars.  Replacing it with a government based upon Libertarian principles would not only save close to two trillion dollars ($6,000 per capita), but would also at the same time make the USA into a far different country than it is today.  We’d stop being the “world’s policeman” (we’re more the world’s bully) and instead would set an example to the rest of the world of how a free people should live.  The best way to do this is to replace our “republican form of government” with a Demarchy.  That is, selection of our representatives with a lottery open to all qualified Americans as a replacement for our present corrupt politicians in federal and state office who answer only to those who paid to put them there!  Politicians on the federal and state level who actually now serve only the 1% who provided the necessary money to run their campaigns.  This is “why” most of those we elect to public end up to be a big disappointment to us once they arrive in office.  The Greeks of Classical Athens also discovered this fact the hard way back a couple of thousand years ago.  The same fact we are discovering today with every election we have.


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77 year old retired owner of a security guard agency. Member of the Libertarian Party.
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