The Libertarian Concept of Medical Self Care

Most people believe that there really isn’t that much that they can do for themselves when it comes to medical issues.  That one should see a doctor for most things, assuming that you can afford the cost.  Of course the medical profession encourages this kind of thinking as it is quite profitable for them.  As we spend currently close to $2.8 trillion dollars today and will likely be spending something close to $3 trillion dollars by 2016 (partially thanks to Obamacare), the question does arise as to where all of this money is going to come from? We are going to be spending “MORE” than the entire gross national product of France!!

It takes six to eight years of study for someone to become a doctor, with longer times for those going into certain specialties.  However it should be realized that medical training is designed to give the medical student a fairly good understanding of everything relating to medicine. However there is some doubt here that much of what the doctor to be learns is retained by the time he or she has been in practice for a while.  My own experience after 14 years of schooling is that only those portions of my education that I use upon a regular basis still remain.  The rest of it for most practical purposes has been “lost” unless I go and “Google” for it. For example, in high school I had 3 years of math.  The last year of math involved such things as determining square root with pencil and paper.  Today a cheap pocket calculator will do square root for seven places beyond the decimal point. I also have to admit that I greatly value online spell checkers of the sort that is provided to users of Some years after graduation I had need to determine square root which I had to learn all over again, this being again before the invention of the pocket calculator.  Now that I have pocket calculators, I have again forgotten how to do square root with pencil and paper.  I feel this is proof if any is needed that we only retain the knowledge that we “use” at least upon occasion. I suspect this is true of everyone, regardless of their final level of education. You may retain the knowledge that at one time you knew something, but unless you have a stack of reference books or better yet Internet access, it is very doubtful that you will remember any of the details of what you once learned years ago.

What this all means is that you may be able handle some basic health issues yourself if you are willing to apply yourself to doing some study to obtain the necessary knowledge.  No, you won’t be able to handle the sort of things that only doctors or their somewhat lesser educated counterparts can do, but you will be able to handle a number of simpler issues. However at the present time you will be severely limited by our prescription laws, which exist more to enhance the incomes of doctors than to protect the public from themselves. However there is hope, as libertarians such as myself are working on the issue and there is less and less justification for locking up most medical drugs behind the wall of prescription laws. There may be some regarding narcotics and certain habit forming drugs, but most medical drugs don’t fall into these categories and are not subject to abuse by drug addicts. My own personal opinion is that these laws are a “mistake” from A to Z.  But that is not the issue here. It should be noted that at one time we didn’t have prescription laws and there was very little actual abuse of most drugs. Take for example blood pressure medicines. About all you would get with an overdose of them would be to get dizzy and lightheaded. Some “over the counter” drugs like Tylenol can be used to commit suicide, but there are better and quicker ways of “offing yourself” than by taking a lot of Tylenol for weeks on end. Even the “hard drugs” don’t seem to be as “terrible” as some of the media claims. I will grant that you can destroy your life with them, but you can do that with a lot of stuff.

At one time doctors could write prescriptions on a basis of “refill as needed” so that the patient could continue taking the same medication for a chronic problem as long as they lived.  However this is now against the law for a doctor to do this. While it will be claimed that this is “for your own good”, this is just another example of how various groups in this country seek to create a “Big Sister” society where the “Nanny Statists” rule everybody. Nor is this limited to just one of our two major political parties as both of them are guilty. The same sort of thinking is unfortunately far too common today, starting with President Obama and on down.  They all view themselves as our “masters” and the rest of us are too stupid to take care of ourselves.  This is one of the major reasons I’m a member of the US Libertarian Party. I don’t agree 100% with everything they advocate, but they are a whole lot closer to what I believe than any of the other political parties we have here in the USA.

In any case, once prescription laws are repealed by Libertarians, there should be an end to a whole lot of this sort of stuff.  Then you will have the legal right under law to take charge of your own life. You will “own” yourself in the true sense of the word. And you will be able to take care of your own health and medical needs to the full extent of your own abilities. Along with that of your pet, something that is surprisingly illegal to do today since even “vets” now enjoy the privileges and power of prescription laws.  Effectively also proving beyond any reasonable doubt that these laws exist only to enhance the incomes of licensed professionals at the expense of the rest of us.


About muskegonlibertarian

77 year old retired owner of a security guard agency. Member of the Libertarian Party.
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