Who Represents You?

“Who Controls Your Life?”  Ever get asked this question?  Most likely not, but it is worth now thinking about here…  It would appear at first that you are the “Property of the US Government” in that it can tax you, draft you, make you buy health insurance, all things that you effectively now have little true “say” about.  Yes, you have the right to vote (with some exceptions), but the choice you have is limited.  Additionally, the people who you are allowed to vote for in most cases don’t really “represent” you unless you happen to be a member of certain politically powerful groups.  The professions, the wealthy, all those who have control of corporations of various types along with the “special interest” groups. All of these people appear to get “listened to” a lot more than do ordinary Americans.  And the people who do get elected are generally not “ordinary Americans” in any real sense of the word.  Many of them either belong to one of the professions or hold powerful positions in corporations or certain industrial groups like the US defense industry that has an “inside track” into the Pentagon. I’d say without worry of contradiction that none of these people can be considered your “peers”.  They are almost uniformly members of an economic or political “elite”.  The average net worth of a member of Congress is one million dollars.  I doubt if anyone who is reading this can honestly say that their net worth is of this level!

Is it possible to “end” their power and control over the rest of us?  The answer to this is “yes”.  But it requires a different form of government.  One where people are “selected” by a lottery so that we end up with a true cross section of the American people.  The make up of a true cross section of the American people is a whole lot unbelievably different from those who now hold office.  For one thing, half of them would be women.  The professions would number about 2% of the representatives, a tiny fraction of what they are today in Congress.  The wealthy would be perhaps 1%.  Each economic class would be represented according to their percentage of the population. It is safe to say that the laws passed by such a Congress would be far different from the laws that are now passed by our so-called “representatives”.  The political system that does this is called “Demarchy”.  It is, BTW, the type of political system that the Greeks of Classical Athens 2600 years ago called a “Democracy”.  Or rule by the citizens as selected representatives of the citizens of the city-state of Athens. Obviously this would result in the destruction of our two major political parties, both of whom are now more interested in serving the wealthy and big business than actually representing the wishes of those who voted and elected them to office.  Is it possible to change our style of government?  We’d need a Constitutional Convention to do so, and I’m sure that those who would lose out in such a change would do everything in their power to see that it didn’t happen.  Still, it is well worth thinking about…


About muskegonlibertarian

77 year old retired owner of a security guard agency. Member of the Libertarian Party.
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