Why Maximization of Personal Freedom Is What Libertarianism Is All About!

The “freer” we are, the better off we are. The less free we are, the worse off we are. Let me explain just “how” this works. And “why” government laws, regulations, rules make us worse off. There can little doubt that today we are worse off than we were a couple of generations ago. Our “cost of living” is higher, and unlike it was when I started working in 1959, the minimum wage is no longer sufficient for even a minimum standard of living. The major reason isn’t the minimum wage itself, but all the governmental activities on the local, state, and federal level that have increased the US cost of living so much over what it once was 56 years ago. Why what a dime bought back then takes an entire dollar today…

For various reasons, US health care costs have risen much faster than wages over the past 56 years. The same is true when it comes to other “professional services” such as dentistry. The other licensed professions and occupations have also increased the cost of their own services in the same way. Mainly because because of government enforced monopoly, they are free to do so. Lower cost “competition” is not allowed to exist today. In the past doctors could write “as needed” prescriptions that didn’t expire after a year. These are apparently illegal today. My stepfather (a dentist) was pulling teeth for $6.50. It costs quite a bit more today assuming you can even find a dentist willing to do it. Modern dentists don’t like the idea of pulling teeth because a pulled tooth is a “one time deal”, while a “saved tooth” is a tooth that will need further attention over the years at a good profit every time. The same thing applies to doctors. Doctors could (under a different political system) write “take as needed” prescriptions, but that’s only a “one time” profit. ¬†But under our present system a doctor can have you make quarterly (4 times a year) office visits along with lab tests which also put money in someone’s pocket. The principle is similar to that of illicit drug dealers creating addicts through giving out “free samples”. The addicts will return upon a regular basis for their “fix”. This is why the illicit drug trade is so profitable for all concerned. Why it is impossible to stop the flow of such drugs into the country. Basic principle of supply and demand. If “demand” is there, “supply” will soon appear. We have plenty of historical examples of this. Prohibition was one. Organized crime became a serious problem. One that government couldn’t resolve until Prohibition itself was repealed. So if we were to repeal our drug laws, our prescription laws, the would no longer be the problems we see today. We would have a far smaller prison population. Health care costs would be a lot less than they are now, especially with computer software that would greatly reduce the need to visit doctors in search of a solution to their health problems. The possible reduction in health care costs might well be as high as $500 billion dollars a year. Plus without these laws, doctors would have far more time to serve those patients who actually need them. Plus we would have lower cost hospital services based upon using the level of technology appropriate to the condition being treated. There’s about another $500 billion we could save right there. So US health care costs drop by a trillion dollars a year. Nor do we need something like Obamacare either. There are better methods of financing what we need. Something like the principle behind credit unions might be better than “insurance” here.

Local governments in response to demands to see that the value of housing continues to increase pass laws that restrict new construction and require inefficient building methods. This is of course of benefit to those who can afford to buy such housing as effectively their home increases in value year after year at a rate at least equal to that of inflation. Whereas virtually everything else you buy becomes worth “less” year after year. We could of course create lots of low income housing if we wanted to do it. But doing so effects the value of all existing housing. So government (which is almost always corrupt) benefits the few at the expense of the many. This is a characteristic of all elected governments by the way. When you have elections, you are going to find that those who win elections are those who can convince the most rich people to support their political campaigns. Political corruption is built into the system. Every “democratic” government is corrupt to a more or lesser extent. This seems to also apply to most dictatorships since the dictator still has to have “support” from enough people to keep him or her in power. The only possible non corrupt form of government is one where representatives are selected by a lottery. Even then measures will have to be taken to prevent any possible forms of bribery from influencing its decisions. In any case, we probably could reduce our cost of living by a trillion dollars or more a year…

These two issues alone would raise our average living standards by $6,000 a year per capita. Elimination of all the restrictions we place on people starting their own businesses along with those on existing businesses would boost our standard of living even more. The more people we have who can apply their own talents to serving others, the better off we are! Then we have a great deal of “government overhead” that could be eliminated. We could for example change the FDA to a “certification” agency. We could have both drugs that are “certified” and those that are not because they are new and still experimental. Giving people the freedom to “choose” makes things better for nearly all of us. We could actually have a “smaller” federal government that supports research on issues that private enterprise doesn’t want to handle because of “risk”. Cutting the “Defense” budget in half would yield sufficient money to pay for all the R&D that is needed to resolve the diseases of today. It would probably be best if the pharmaceutical concentrated on production and left “R&D” to non-profit agencies. As it is, our drug companies concentrate far too much on what will be the most “profitable” instead of what would be of the most value to people. There are far too many federal agencies whose tasks could be better done by the states… And perhaps at lower cost, saving us even more money over what we’re spending now.


About muskegonlibertarian

77 year old retired owner of a security guard agency. Member of the Libertarian Party.
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