A Libertarian “Wish List”

For the sake of discussion, I’m putting down a list of some of the things that libertarians could suggest to improve our society and also effectively increase our standard of living through an actual reduction of the cost of living for most of us. Of course this also means that those who are now exploiting the power of government through various forms of legal monopolies will likely suffer a decrease in their own incomes…

  1. Elimination of prescription laws. You decide, not your doctor, what medicines you wish to take, the amount, and rather you want a generic to save money or are willing to pay more for a “brand name”.
  2. Elimination of restrictions upon being able to purchase medicine from sources outside the US. If the medicine is cheaper in Canada, why can’t you buy it from there? Or from any other nation on the map? We are not restricted today to products only made in the USA. So why are we restricted as to the sources of our medicine.
  3. Freedom to consult with medical providers anywhere on Earth, including referring medical and lab tests to the provider of your choice.
  4. Elimination of the requirement to purchase health insurance. People should be free to make their own decisions about how to pay for health care. Obamacare’s “mandate” is likely actually in truth “unconstitutional” regardless of the politics involved in that it not only requires the purchase of health insurance, but also requires the purchase of specific coverages that many people would consider not worth the cost. Also Obamacare discourages people from seeking treatment at the earlier stages of disease due to its excessively high deductibles and co-pays. You will note that you can purchase auto insurance at different levels, but are not allowed to do the same with Obamacare…
  5. People should be allowed to set aside money for future health care needs in much the same way as they can now do so for retirement. If we are going to be burdened by an income tax, at least we should be able to set aside “pre-tax” money to pay for our future health care needs. All such costs should be fully tax deductible to the individual.
  6. Repeal of our drug laws. As long as people do not endanger others, it should not be the business of government to regulate what people do. The fact is that drug laws encourage criminal organization to provide a product that might not be so “attractive” if these laws did not exist. The role of the “drug pusher” and his economic interest in selling an illicit product for a far above market price is one of the major reasons we now have the problems with “illicit” drugs that we do! Plus these laws tend to encourage law enforcement to behave in a manner that often violates people’s civil and human rights.
  7. Repeal of civil forfeiture without any conviction of an actual crime. This law “encourages” law enforcement to behave like “criminals”! Taking money and goods from people and then requiring them to prove their innocence before they can get back what was taken from them. This is more the sort of thing that used to be done in countries ruled by tyrants, not the people. In a free country, this sort of thing is definitely not “American”!
  8. We should have a tax system that encourages work and productivity. What we have today certainly does not accomplish that goal. Nor should we be taxing productive businesses since the tax is only passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices. Also such taxes causes businesses to seek means to lower their tax burden by various means, most of which reduce US employment and in the long run do more harm than good. Plus such business practices increase our trade deficits, a major cause of eventual financial problems of the sort we’ve seen in any number of Latin American countries. The same sort of problems we are going to be seeing here in the USA if we keep doing what we’re doing now…
  9. Instead of the multitude of tax systems we have now, perhaps we should have a simple financial transaction tax. Say 1% of every financial transaction. That would be adequate for the sort of limited government that we are “supposed” to have. Not the bloated monster that like a cancer continues to grow larger and larger…
  10. The role of the federal government should be national defense and peaceful relations with the rest of the world. Instead we’ve been behaving like a “world bully” and reaping the consequences in turn! Most of the domestic roles the federal government does today could be done better by state governments and private organizations. For example, we could replace the FDA with a private organization similar to “Consumers Union” (CONSUMER REPORTS) which would be more effective at lower cost. The same thing is likely true with the rest of what the federal government now does. All of the roles now performed by federal agencies used to be performed by state agencies, although even some state agencies could be replaced by private organizations that would do the same thing at yet lower cost.

About muskegonlibertarian

77 year old retired owner of a security guard agency. Member of the Libertarian Party.
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2 Responses to A Libertarian “Wish List”

  1. I think you are missing the underlying reason why there is a requirement in the PPACA for everybody to purchase insurance. The objective is to spread the risk across a large pool of people, which will reduce overall risk levels and drive down the unit cost of insurance policies. Absent that mandate, young people and/or people who perceive (rightly or wrongly) that they are healthy will tend to not buy insurance coverage, which will drive up the overall level of risk in the pool of people that do buy insurance, thus increasing premiums.

    • This is the supposed reason for the “mandate”. However, why do we insist on using “insurance” when there might well be better solutions if we were willing to consider them. Nor does Obamacare do anything to actually “reduce” the cost of health care. Or remove government rules and regulations that make US health care the world’s most expensive. The idea that we must not do anything to reduce incomes through out the health care system, but just create the means to pay for health care services regardless of cost will eventually result in disaster because there is no incentive anywhere in the system to reduce the cost of health care to the patient. Currently we are paying close to $3 trillion dollars a year for health care. Or over $9,000 a year per capita. Or over $750 a month. It is noteworthy that even Medicare does not meet the Obamacare standard of “no limits” coverage. As a matter of fact, prior to Obamacare, there was no such thing as “no limits” coverage! This is one reason why Obamacare coverage is so expensive. And why people now pay “more” for the amount of health insurance they actually use than previously…

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