America’s Problems. Libertarian Solutions.

As the primaries are now drawing to a close, it appears more and more likely that the voters will select either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as their next President. This may also be the first year that the Libertarian Party will achieve a double digit vote for our own candidates. Mainly due to the dissatisfaction that many American voters will have for the two major party candidates for President. Depending upon which Party obtains control or retains control of the Senate will also determine who the next Justice of the Supreme Court will be. Currently the court is split 50/50 between liberal viewpoints and conservative viewpoints so this election is even more important than ever in deciding which direction the country will be heading for the next four to eight years. The fate of free trade as we know it is in question. The survival of “Obamacare” is also in question should Donald Trump win in November, 2016. There is also the issue of immigration pro and con. With Clinton things will likely remain pretty much as they are. With Trump, who really knows?

Neither of the two major candidates is likely to do very much to alter the current practices in health care. Doctors will continue to enjoy their very profitable government enforced legal monopoly over prescription drugs. Very little will change now with the practice of medicine as it is practiced both in doctor’s offices and in our hospital system. Private insurance companies will still pay out eighty cents worth of benefits for every dollar that they take in benefits. There probably will be little change in our tax codes although taxes may go up a bit under a Clinton administration. Deficits will continue to increase our national debt. Our infrastructure will likely also continue to get worse as time passes. Republicans are attempting to overturn our civil rights laws and are likely to continue attempting to do so. All in all, don’t expect any major changes in anything important.

It is unlikely to happen, but what if we did elect enough libertarians to change things…

The prescription laws passed back in 1938 by the Roosevelt administration are repealed. The narcotic laws passed in 1914 are repealed. Those in prison for violation of drug laws are released and pardoned for their “political” crime of doing something that never should have been illegal in the first place. The FDA is replaced with a private agency that puts a “seal” of certification on medicine, but allows the sale of non-certified medicine to those willing to take the risk in the hopes of a cure when survival is a matter of life or death. Doctors from any country who have met their country’s standard are welcome to practice here. The same thing will apply to nurses and other individuals working medical fields. Obamacare is repealed and people are free to set up whatever plans they wish with health care providers. Health Savings Accounts based upon stock and bond index accounts become standard, but private agencies also sell “major med” type policies too. The index bond funds offered by Vanguard have had an average return of about 5% (allowing for inflation). This means everyone takes responsibility for their own retirement except for the extremely poor who can be taken care of by a private agency set up for that exact purpose. Some good attempts have been made in this direction, but have encountered problems with local city governments who apparently don’t want poor people around. Civil Forfeiture should be simply repealed as it encourages corruption in law enforcement.

The income tax, the payroll tax is repealed. Replaced by a financial transaction tax of 2% along with “user fees” for things such as roads, parks, everything else. (we currently do this in Michigan to pay for the state park system) Property currently owned by the federal government is sold and the money gained is used to pay off what is owed to those now over the age of 50 with a “flat rate” Social Security program that is also means tested. I also believe we should have some sort of a “Basic Income” system, just enough to provide for a very minimal standard of living. We could probably roll both of these into one plan. The cost of doing this appears to be in the $1.5 trillion dollars a year range.

The states take responsibility for most everything else. The US armed forces return to the United States. The federal government is now only responsible for the defense of the continental US and relations with other nations. Those countries who used to rely upon US protection are told to repeal their own gun control laws or hire sufficient military forces to provide for their own national defense. It is a proven fact that a country without gun control is almost impossible to conquer. That country is Afghanistan. The British tried it in the 19th Century. They eventually withdraw after seeing that it was effectively impossible to do. The Russians tried it. Despite the fact that they were utterly ruthless in their actions, they eventually were forced to give up and leave. We’ve learned pretty much the same thing after 14 years of war there. Nor do the guns need to be modern assault rifles. The old bolt action Mausers and such left over from the two “world wars” still do an adequate job of killing the enemy.

We need to understand that the education of children is best done through “incentives”. It is also known that home schoolers often can do a better job than the public school system at a fraction of the cost. The objective should be to establish standards for the “3 Rs” where a voucher worth say $5,000 is offered to anyone who can educate the child one grade level. A lot of the money now spent on the public school system would be better spent on the development of “electronic” public libraries where you can download books to read and educate yourself. Want to know any subject in detail? Your school textbook will give at best only one viewpoint. To learn more, you have to turn to public library system.

Our lives, our economy, our society is far too “regulated”. It is increasingly difficult to start any sort of business. When children have to get “permits” to open a lemonaid stand, you know that “government” had grown far too large and needs to go on a serious diet… We are no longer the “free people” we used to pride ourselves in being. Today we are rapidly becoming government ruled “serfs” instead of free citizens in control of our own destiny.




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77 year old retired owner of a security guard agency. Member of the Libertarian Party.
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