Corruption Proof Government

The US government is probably today one of the most politically corrupt  of any developed country. Does that surprise you? Consider the incredible degree of power that our “vested interests” appear to have here in the USA. The fact that the Supreme Court has effectively removed any limitation upon the amount of political donations that can be made to any political campaign. The fact that politically powerful corporate interests can get almost anything they want from “Uncle Sam”, the “friend” of the rich and powerful. While the rest of us have to pay more in taxes to replace what is now lost to overseas tax shelters.

There are thousands of well paid lobbyists in Washington, D.C. to see that their clients get favored treatment from our elected representatives. Representatives that really now only represent those who pump millions of dollars into their “campaign funds”. Nor can we say that the members of either political party today are really interested in anything else than lining their pockets at the expense of the rest of us. Many of course when they leave office already have a position lined up with one of the “interests” who they have served so well while in office. Once you look beyond the rhetoric they are so good at deceiving us with, it becomes very obvious that their “mission” there in Congress is to do whatever they can for their “friends”, regardless of what their actions do for those who voted them into office. In a more just society, most of them would be properly seen as practicing “fraud” against those who voted them into office. Perhaps we should require them to post in small print below their campaign literature that “promises made are not likely to be fulfilled”…

History shows that all democratic societies have a problem with their elected officials. That the very nature of elective office tends to encourage political corruption because of the cost of running a political campaign. It costs a lot of money today to get elected. And the amount of money necessary to make an effective run for elective office is growing as more and more money is poured into political campaigns by our two major political parties. So is there a solution to this? Parliamentary systems are less prone to corruption than our “winner take all” system, but they still have problems of their own. Proportional representation helps, but the problem still exists, if at least to a lesser degree. However at least everyone’s opinion gets a “hearing”, but even here “money still talks” and certain “interests” are more likely to be favored over those who have less ability to be “heard”.

The Greeks of Classical Athens created a system of selecting representatives through a lottery instead of elections. This effectively eliminated the problem of the one with the most money winning office, but it still had a problem with vested interests who no doubt were able to convince the “winners” of the lottery that they should remember “who” could help them after leaving office. It is really difficult to keep everyone “honest” under these conditions. However there is a way today thanks to the technology now available…

Lets say we use a lottery system, but the identities of the “winners” are kept secret. They also continue to live where they did before they were selected through the lottery to become a representative. They would be identified only by a code number. No one except for a  special agency would know their true identities. Communication would take place via a specialized sub section of the Internet designed to protect their identities as far as possible. Something like this exists today where communications are sent bouncing back and forth over the entire Internet so that tracing any communication is extremely difficult. While some of this is used by national governments for their own purposes, it is perhaps better known as a means by which activities considered “criminal” by national governments take place. People would be able to communicate with their “representative”, but they would not know who or where they were.

This might be at least a partial solution to the problem of political corruption.


About muskegonlibertarian

77 year old retired owner of a security guard agency. Member of the Libertarian Party.
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